How to call your model endpoint?

Step 1: Select Desired Model

Post importing your model, you would be able to view the model in your workspace as given below

Step 2: View and Call your API

  • Click on the API tab.

  • You can view the cURL or python script that can be used to call your mode.

  • You can also copy the end point directly mentioned under “API Endpoint”

  • Click on the Copy button to Copy the code for yourself.

  • Make sure you change the “API Key” with your Key and “Input” with your custom input.

  • You can now call using this from your end. The inference result would be the output for these calls.

In case you need help with API Keys:

  • Click on settings, available on the top, next to your Workspace Name

  • Click on “Workspace API keys”

  • You can view the details of your key or generate a new one.