Inferless provides NFS-like writable volumes that support simultaneous connections to various replicas. Similar to networked file-sharing systems that enable collective access to files across a network, these volumes in Inferless address multiple needs:

  • Storing model parameters

  • Archiving datasets similar to centralized storage

  • Setting up a communal cache for collaborative tasks, akin to a shared cache over a network.

Method A: Create a Volume using Inferless Platform

Here is how you can create a volume Go to the My Volumes section in your console

My Volumes

Step 1

Click on the Create Volume button

Step 2

After this Volume is created and ready copy the Mount Path

Step 3

Use the mount path on your code as shown below :

Step 4

In the model import step select the Mount Volume to attach

View Volumes

You can also browse the files in your volume by clicking on the Volume Card

Delete Volumes

To delete volumes make sure it’s not attached to any Deployment, You can delete it form the My Volumes page

Method B: Create a volume using Inferless CLI

Use this command inferless volume to see all the functions available for volume.

inferless volume create

This command is used to create a volume. Run this command and enter the name of your volume. Once the volume is created you can follow the process and update your volume directly to the inference configuration file(inferenece.yaml)

inferless volume list

This command allows you to list all the volumes present in your workspace. It will help you to get the ID of the volume, which is required when you run the inferless volume select command.

inferless volume select --id

This command allows you to use any volume that you have created using volume’s id. Run the following command and update the volume directly on the inference configuration file(inference.yaml).

inferless volume select --id 4e39f657-d115-4cb7-b713-012984213750