Hugging Face

How to enable web-hooks in Hugging Face for activating auto rebuilt function in Inferless

Steps to enable Webhook in Hugging Face

Below are the steps that are to be followed to enable a Webhook:
  • Log into your Hugging Face account which contains the model that you wish to load.
  • Go to Settings -> Webhooks.
  • Click "add a new Webhook".
  • Choose the target repository, which is your model.
  • Add the API URL, which can be copied from your model Page
    1. 1.
      In case you are doing this during onboarding, the API URL would be displayed during the model import
    2. 2.
      View the screenshot below:
  • In case you are doing this post-model import, you can view this under Model page -> Settings -> Webhooks
  • Enable the Repo Update option under triggers. Click "Create Webhook" to complete the process.
  • View the screenshot below for a sample completed "New Webhook" Page.
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