To begin, simply push your model to Inferless. Our platform will build, optimize, and deploy the models onto the available GPUs, preparing them to be called via APIs.

  • Shared GPU Resources: Our platform enables multiple models and workloads to share GPUs, with automatic rebalancing and node draining to ensure optimized utilization and cost reduction.

  • Advanced Integrations: One of our standout features is the seamless model import from your favorite repositories, including Huggingface, AWS Sagemaker, Google Vertex AI, and Github, all with just a single click. Stay tuned for our upcoming integration with Azure!

  • Scalable Deployment: Inferless offers auto-scaling based on requests per second, allowing you to scale from zero to thousands of GPUs seamlessly.

  • Computation Type Support: We support various computation types, including deep learning models from major ML frameworks like Pytorch, Tensorflow, ONNX, and even custom Python functions.

  • Dynamic Model Registration and Versioning: You can easily register new models or versions using CI/CD pipelines without having to rebuild or redeploy the infrastructure.

  • API Endpoints: Obtain ready-to-use API endpoints that can be effortlessly integrated into your backend or front-end applications.

  • Advanced Monitoring Capabilities: Inferless comes with built-in Prometheus metrics and Grafana dashboards for visualizing GPU usage and other system metrics.

  • Low GPU Utilization: With Inferless Serverless Offering, you no longer need to worry about the costs associated with underutilized GPUs, as you only pay for what you use.

  • High Maintenance: Setting up Inferless is a breeze, and it provides you with an Endpoint API for your model, eliminating the need for in-depth DevOps knowledge.

  • Tackling Latency Challenges: Our custom-built orchestration engine, advanced router, and proprietary storage infrastructure work in tandem to help you achieve the desired latency results for your applications.

  • Stress-Free Hardware Provisioning: We have pre-provisioned hundreds of GPUs to save you from dealing with quotas and hardware management, allowing you to focus on your core tasks.

Start deploying your models with Inferless today, and enjoy a simplified and efficient machine learning experience!