Git (Custom Code)

GitHub using the Inferless template.
This method allows you to pull custom code to load the model, and write custom pre-processing and post-processing functions. This method is best suited if you want to run a pipeline of models.
Language Supported: Python

Types of Provider

  • GitHub
  • GitLab

Creating the interface Code

We have created a Template repository that you can use as a base to inject your code you can find a sample here with the GPT Neo model.
## Implement the Load function here for the model
def initialize(self):
self.generator = pipeline("text-generation", model="EleutherAI/gpt-neo-125M",device=0)
# Function to perform inference
def infer(self, inputs):
# inputs is a dictionary where the keys are input names and values are actual input data
# e.g. in the below code the input name is "prompt"
prompt = inputs["prompt"]
pipeline_output = self.generator(prompt, do_sample=True, min_length=20)
generated_txt = pipeline_output[0]["generated_text"]
# The output generated by the infer function should be a dictionary where keys are output names and values are actual output data
# e.g. in the below code the output name is "generated_txt"
return {"generated_text": generated_txt}
# perform any cleanup activity here
def finalize(self,args):
self.pipe = None
"prompt": {
'datatype': 'STRING',
'required': True,
'shape': [1],
'example': ["There is a fine house in the forest"]
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