What’s New:

  1. In the latest release, enhancements in error reporting for Input/Output (IN/OUT) JSON have been made, particularly in handling various data structures. Here’s a summary of the changes:
  • Returning Dictionaries: Improved support and examples for returning dictionaries with the keys being the labels and the values as the respective scores.

  • Returning Variable Length Arrays: New examples have been added to demonstrate how variable-length arrays can be returned, showcasing the flexibility in handling different data sizes.

These updates provide better clarity and support for handling different data types and structures, ensuring a smoother user experience while working with IN/OUT JSON. We have updated the documentation here.2. Email Verification on Signup: Added for enhanced onboarding security, alongside a feature to re-invite users to workspaces.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Enhancements have been made to the Git web-hooks storage mechanism, aiming to reduce build failures.

  2. Dynamic Field Names: Tailored fields for sharing model details, adjustable based on integration choice.